Thursday, January 13, 2011

Original Content? But Mom, I Keep Finding Other Stuff!

Truthfully, I'm not writing as much original content as I had hoped. Part of that is my fault. Part of it is not wanting to reinvent the wheel. Basically, I read a lot of articles, blogs and other random musings on photography daily. Instead of writing new content, I end up finding excellent articles that I feel must be featured here for my readers. Like this one...

Seven Bad Habits of Digital Photographers comes from It hits the proverbial nail on the head when it comes to some of the bad habits digital photographers fall into. Sure, it's from 2007... but it's still good information for both amateur and pro photogs alike.

My personal fave... and the one I am most often guilty of, is a variation of #2 - Not Double Checking ISO Settings. Actually, with me it's not only ISO (once in awhile), but more often not checking white balance settings. See the photo, above left. Ugh! Yeah, when I shoot RAW, white balance is easily corrected. But, look at #4. Told ya so! It's better to get it right when you click the shutter - and not in post processing.

What is YOUR worst habit and what are you doing to "fix it"?

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