Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Photo Advice: Use a Tripod

I do a lot of reading on the subject of photography. Over the course of the new year, I hope to share some of the best articles, tips & tricks with you. The ezine article, For Fabulous Camera Results, Use a Tripod, offers a very basic tip that is often forgotten.

If you are shooting in a situation with low light, drag out the tripod and set it up. All things considered, your images will be sharper; and brighter looking.

While I did tweak the contrast and saturation in the photo to the right, it would not have been possible just holding the camera. I used a tripod to steady the camera, along with a remote shutter release, to capture this image. Power lines a quarter mile down the road can be seen easily. In a low light situation, that can of sharpness pretty much requires a tripod.

Do you have questions on what to look for in a tripod, leave a comment and I'll do my best to assist.

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