Monday, January 10, 2011

AWESOME! - My First Studio Photo Shoot

This past Saturday, I was blessed to do my first ever studio photo shoot with a model. I've done a few photo shoots with models previous to this, but never in a studio with lighting, etc. My photographer/mentor friend, Robert, allowed me access to his studio and even setup the lights for us to shoot. Here are two examples, randomly chosen, for your (hopeful) enjoyment.

BTW, this was also the model's first studio shoot. She has "modeled" for her mom and members of the local photography club before, but never in a more formal setting. I think Cheyenne did a great job.

Cheyenne - Red, white & blue
Strobist info:
AB1600 in 3'x4' softbox, camera left @ 45 degree angle
AB1600 in octagonal softbox - main light
AB1600 in 1'x4' grid lightbox, camera right, behind the model (to light background)
Camera: Canon 60D, ISO 200, 1/125 sec, f/11

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