Friday, December 31, 2010

WOW, it's really been awhile?!?

First, an apology -- I'm sorry to say that I have let my photoblog go so long without an update. But, it's high time I started updating this blog regularly. As of tomorrow, I am officially turning professional in the field of photography. And no self-respecting pro shutterbug would dare to not have a blog.

To that end, I'm ahead of the game. This blog has been around (in one form or another) for almost six years now. I'm behind the game in that I have not kept it fresh and lively. That all changes with the start of the new year!

Now, my promise -- I hereby promise to update CharlieJ's Blog/o/Foto regularly, including links to interesting articles (like this one), photos I've taken... and maybe even guest spots with other photogs. What do ya say? Wanna join me on this adventure? Come on... let's start 2011 together!

Photo: Aaron Shust Band @ YouthFest 2010