Saturday, August 02, 2008

Say HI to AJ Everyone!

I just noticed that I've mentioned but not featured my oldest daughter, AJ. So, today is AJ's day on the Blog/o/Foto. While this is not the most technically excellent or appealing shot, I hope it gives you an idea for a different perspective when shooting pictures.

Truthfully, here's how this shot took place... We were on a trip recently. AJ was in the front passenger seat and I was sitting in the middle row, right behind her. While playing with the settings on the little P&S Canon A530 I keep with me at all times, I decided to pick on AJ a bit. I took the camera, held it over her head and then said, "AJ, quick, look up!" When she did, I hit the shutter button. Voila!

Try something different the next time you shoot. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. And remember, if you're shooting digital, you can ALWAYS delete what you don't like. THANKS for the cool POV shot AJ. I love you!

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