Friday, August 22, 2008

"Natural" Hibiscus Leaves

There's something about the leaf and flower buds of a hibiscus that intrigues me. Look closely at this photo, especially the large version, and I think you'll see why. I almost deleted this photo in the camera, thinking it was out of focus. But, when I looked at it on my computer monitor, I found that the soft edges were from the almost white shadow cast by water droplets. Not bragging, but it is a very cool effect, in my opinion.

This is a shameless plug -- when you look at my photos, keep this in mind: I don't use PhotoShop. I sometimes tweak contrast, brightness and hue or light saturation using Paint Shop Pro 6. However, most of the photos on Blog/o/Foto are as they were shot in the camera. Effects are not "man made".

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