Thursday, November 10, 2005

Charlie's Photo-History = Part V

Truthfully, I all but stopped taking pics during the early-1990's -- when I serious about a real job; got married and enjoyed the birth of our first child. After our daughter was born (look at her now), my interest in photography was resurrected -- with a new digital camera (Panasonic w/ FDD). With the birth of our second child, I purchased another digital camera (so I could keep one in the car) -- a Sony Mavica w/ FDD.

Two years ago, the photobug bit me -- once again. At that time, I decided to purchase the best "prosumer" digital camera I could get for $1200 or less. The result -- a Nikon CoolPix E5700. FYI - Most of the pictures you'll see on CharlieJ's Blog/o/Foto were taken with the Nikon.

As stated on the blog title, most (not all) of the photographs you'll find here are unedited. Unless otherwise stated, ALL of the pictures on CharlieJ's Blog/o/Foto are my own.

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