Monday, November 07, 2005

Charlie's Photo-History = Part II

I am a 42 year old certified computer geek. Really, I *am* certified (MCP, A+, Compaq/HP, Lucent). Sometimes, my friends and family think I am certifiable. Enough about that...
Our family consists of my wife (a darling girl from Ohio who is a high school Spanish teacher); our three children (whom you see in the photo); a bulldog-chow mix dog (Bear); a golden retriever mix pup (SweetPea); three hermit crabs (unnamed) and one adolescent corn snake (Cally). We live in rural North Carolina and enjoy our pool, exploring "in the woods" and vacations during the Spring/ Summer months. During the Fall/ Winter months, we spend a lot of time at church (AWANA, Choir, Bible study); visting with family and (of course) participating in educational opportunities.

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