Saturday, November 29, 2008

Youthfest - Nate Sallie and Newsong

So many photos taken lately -- and so little time to update this blog. Argh! Well, here's one from my favorite area festival -- a Christian music festival. It's called Youthfest -- and it happens in Tabor City, NC every year, during the Yam Festival. This year, we were very blessed to have Nate Sallie and Newsong. Personally, I have been blessed to work with Youthfest for the past four years. AJ, our oldest daughter, helped out this year -- and received the only real perk some of get for working with the festival. Shhh... it's a well known "secret" that some of us serve dinner (prepared by the famous Todd House) to the performers.
This year, AJ got to sit beside, chat with and enjoy dinner with none other than Nate Sallie. Now, everytime one of his songs comes on KLOVE, she smiles and says, "I ate dinner with him." LOL! Speaking of Nate Sallie, here he is singing with Newsong.

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