Tuesday, September 02, 2008

"California" Kingsnake

Guess what my son found in the back yard Saturday evening? Yep! A juvenile "Cali- fornia" kingsnake. We caught it and played with the little guy for awhile... and then let him go on his way. This shot was actually inspired by my son. As I was holding the snake, NJ said, "Daddy, he looks like your watch... see, black & white". I laid the kingsnake over my wrist and he curled around the wristwatch for a moment. Snap! Good shot!

While we're talking about snakes... if you don't know the temperament and species of a wild snake, DO NOT TOUCH IT. I have handled snakes and studied them for quite some time now. Therefore, I knew this little bugger would bite if he felt threatened - as well as knowing he couldn't hurt me more than the pinch of a mosquito. For the record, this kingsnake bit me three times while we were playing with him. All were slow, deliberate, moderate bites -- which meant he was checking me out, not feeling threatened or attacking.

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